PO 122 - Shahsavan Eagle

We continue to offer you exquisitely hand-painted canvases

available to you through fine needlework retailers throughout the United States.  Many of our pillows have coordinating pillow inserts, brick covers, rugs, ornaments and monogram designs. 

​Choosing your first canvas may be easy. 

If you want a group of pillows to display, you'll find several here

that will coordinate with your first choice.

PO 137C - Thistle Coat of Arms

CO 22B 

PO 137A - Lion Coat of Arms

PO 119A - Casablanca

CO 22C 

PO 137B - Fleur de Lis Coat of Arms

Our website will give you access to our latest, most current designs

as well as reintroduce you to favorites from years past..

GB 11 - Christmas Roses Game Board

Whether you need a small, easy-to-take-along canvas

or a rug to be the centerpiece of a room,

  CanvasWorks designs will be heirlooms that you will treasure.

PO 136 - Christmas Roses Insert

AP 70 - No Name Chicken

GB 7A - Botanica Game Board

​Each of our designs is hand painted

on the finest 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, and 18 mesh orange line Zweigart canvas.

CO 21  -  Multi Christmas Roses

Ornament - Red

18m, 4 x 4

PO 120B - Anatolian Kilim

PO 58A - Kurdistan

CO 20A  - Christmas Roses

Ornament - Red

18m, 4 x 4

BC 35 - Christmas Roses Brick Cover

CO 22A



Classic Traditional Needlepoint for the Most Discriminating Stitchers