CO 20A  - Christmas Roses Ornament - Red

18m, 4 x 4

BC 35 - Christmas Roses Brick Cover

13m, 10 x 10

CO 22A - Christmas Roses Heart

Classic Traditional Needlepoint for the Most Discriminating Stitchers



Creating heirlooms

PO 122 - Shahsavan Eagle

We continue to offer you exquisitely hand-painted canvases

available to you through fine needlework retailers throughout the United States.  Many of our pillows have coordinating pillow inserts, brick covers, rugs, ornaments and monogram designs. 

​Choosing your first canvas may be easy. 

If you want a group of pillows to display, you'll find several here

that will coordinate with your first choice.

Our website will give you access to our latest, most current designs

as well as reintroduce you to favorites from years past..

GB 11 - Christmas Roses Game Board

Whether you need a small, easy-to-take-along canvas

or a rug to be the centerpiece of a room,

  CanvasWorks designs will be heirlooms that you will treasure.

AP 70 - No Name Chicken

​Each of our designs is hand painted

on the finest 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, and 18 mesh orange line Zweigart canvas.

CO 21  - Christmas Roses Ornament - Red

18m, 4 x 4

PO 120B - Anatolian Kilim

PO 58A - Kurdistan

PO 137C - Thistle Coat of Arms

CO 22B - Christmas Roses Heart

PO 137A - Lion Coat of Arms

PO 119A - Casablanca

CO 22C - Christmas Roses Heart

PO 137B - Fleur de Lis Coat of Arms

PO 136 - Christmas Roses Insert

GB 7A - Botanica Game Board