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Frequently Asked Questions

Classic Traditional Needlepoint for the Most Discriminating Stitchers



1.  Are the colors on the webpage accurate?  Yes -- and no.  The clarity of our digital artwork makes some colors especially bright and darkens others.  Our pictures don't hold a candle to our handpainted canvases.

2.  How do I know if your canvas will fit my bench? (or footstool, or chair -- whatever?  We always add an additional two inches on each side of the design for your upholsterer to use when blocking a stitched canvas for furniture and recommend that you stitch an extra inch for "turn-under."  If you aren't certain what size to order, ask your retailer to give us a call.

3.  What is a Kidney Pillow?  In the needlepoint trade, we call the small pillow that you tuck at the back of your chair a kidney pillow.  Generally a rectangle, the size is not specific but it offers you an alternative to a full size pillow.

4.  I like your designs but your colorways don't work for me.  Do you paint custom canvases?  Yes, we are happy to adjust our paint colors to fit your home.  However -- our delivery is often a number of months out and we don't accept cancellations once your order has been sent to the painters.

5.  Your design is too (big/small).  Can you make it (bigger/smaller)?  If it is a stitch painted design (each stitch is a specific color), yes, we can -- by changing mesh size. The finished canvas will change size according to the mesh we use.  Our standard size is 13m.  If it is a shade painted design (where colors are blended color book style), we can paint our design as large or small as you like with the design remaining the same.