‚ÄčC A N V A S W O R K S


PO 104A Insert - Florence

PO 22C - Heriz

PO 48 - Topiary

This is another pillow that commands attention on your sofa.

The design serves equally well when repeated on a runner in the hall.

  It is also available in shades of blue. 

PO 60C - Kazak Stripe

PO 75B - Serapi

PO 108 KP - Leopard Pelt w/ Roses

PO 49B - Topiary

PO 68A

PO 24B Persian Medallion

This is one of our most adaptable designs.

  It makes a lovely centerpiece pillow

on your sofa stitched on 18m canvas in silk. 

It is striking in multiple repeats

as a rug stitched on 10 or 12m in wool.

PO 66B - Corsica

PO 103A - Venice

PO 49C Insert - Topiary

PO 116B - Ushak Medallion

PO 109A - Mediterranean Medallion

PO 68B

PO 104A - Florence

PO 49A - Topiary

PO 49B Insert - Topiary

PO 49A Insert - Topiary

PO 49C - Topiary

PO 49D - Topiary

PO 103A Insert - Venice

PO 49D Insert - Topiary

PO 98B - Eagle Kazak

PO 115B - Ushak Stripe

PO 114A - Tuscany

Classic Traditional Needlepoint for the Most Discriminating Stitchers