Classic Traditional Needlepoint for the Most Discriminating Stitchers

‚ÄčC A N V A S W O R K S


R 5C - Heriz Runner

R 7 - Kirman Rectangle

R 21 - Ushak Medallion Runner

R 7 - Kirman Runner

R 12A - Tuscan Floral Square

R 2B - Shanta Rug w/Turkoman Border

R 2A - Shanta w/ Double Tetris Border

These three rugs are based on the same pattern

but look distinctively different when the colorway is changed. 

Whether you choose one repeat (or, as one of our customers did,  twelve!!!!),

we are ready to help you make your home your castle. 

R 19 - Shashavan Eagle Runner

R 5B - Heriz Runner

R 9A - Bergama Runner

R 7 - Kirman Square

R 9A - Bergama Square

R 5A - Heriz Runner

R 12B - Tuscan Floral Square

One of the most important choices you make in decorating your home

is deciding which rug you want in each room.

  CanvasWorks is happy to help you select one that will bring you pleasure not only in the design

but in the stitching as well.

R 6A  -  Tabriz Runner